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A Brother Asks - Volume 1

Uncommon Discourses about Hiram

Table of Contents

Preface					  iv
Table of Contents			viii
Introduction				   9
 1.	Of What to Be Aware		  12
 2.	Allegory			  15
 3.	Hiram’s Name			  22
 4.	The Widow’s Son			  28
 5.	The Widowed			  34
 6.	Denying Hiram			  39
 7.	The Secrets			  42
 8.	Rejecting Joppa			  49
 9.	Ethiopia			  54
10.	Wayfaring			  60
11.	The Fifteen Ruffians		  62
12.	Spotting Craft Ruffians		  69
13.	Symbolic Penalties		  71
14.	Cowan & Ruffian Insights	  77
15.	Ruffian Symbolism		  83
16.	Ruffian Meaning			  92
17.	Raising Lessons			 107
18.	The Grasp			 118
19.	Resurrecting Hiram		 123
20.	The Substitute			 129
21.	The Master’s Word…		 138
22.	Where the Masters Are		 145
23.	What Was Lost			 151
24.	Substituting the Substitute	 156
Endnotes				 163

A Brother Asks - Volume 1 - Uncommon Discourses about Hiram
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