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Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values

Coaching for Success, Inc.

Vision: What WE SEE as possible for ourselves, for others, for community and for the world.
  1. A coaching practice fully embracing and manifesting all the concepts conveyed and promoted by our coaching staff to our client base.
  2. Product and service purchases by both clients and customers wanting to benefit from the wisdom and experience our coaching staff has to offer.
  3. Clients fulfilled by lives and businesses that are:
    • operated in full unity with their beings;
    • managed with proper tools and prospective, integrity and purpose; and
    • manifesting healthy, functional and productive role models for others they come in contact with both professionally and personally.
Purpose: Why we are here, what we are here TO BE.
  1. To be an accurate observer, guide and catalyst in the successful transformation of our select client base;
  2. To assure that our eager clients have the necessary insights, clarities, tools, purposes and steps to transform their businesses and lives for the better.
Mission: What we are here TO DO. Our specific actions, tasks or goals to realize our vision and purpose.
  1. Professional End-in-Mind: To contribute beneficially to the professional and personal excellence of people and the systems they employ to manifest fulfilling lives.
  2. Personal End-in-Mind: To seek out and participate enthusiastically in professional and personal synergistic crossings.
Value: What we VALUE MOST in our business, life, experience, people, clients, etc. and see as most worth investing in continuously.
  1. We value our business systems; they allow us to do our business effortlessly.
  2. We value our people; they allow us to enjoy our time on the job and synergize productivity far beyond that which we may accomplish alone.
  3. We value our customers; they make our work experience worthwhile and help us contribute to the welfare of society.
  4. We value integrity, truth and potential; these allow us to sleep well at night, operate realistically and dream creatively of what will come.
A question to those reviewing this: Do you see the distinction between the four terms?
  • Vision is about what you see as possible. (Theme)
  • Purpose is how you are going to be to further that possibility. (Fulfilling the promise.)
  • Mission is what you are going to do to make that vision happen. (Action)
  • Value is what you see as worthwhile investing in and keeping in good repair. (Worth and Investment)

For those of us with a more visual slant: I share the following picture to "drive home" the main points.

  • Without a Powerful Purpose, you will not be motivated to move.
  • Without a Strong Mission, you will not be able to carry much.
  • Without a Clear Vision, you will not see what you are moving toward.
  • Without a Solid Value base, you will not be able to move forward smoothly.

Get it?

Let me know when you can,

Coach Nagy

Copyright 1989 - 2007 Coach John S. Nagy, All Rights Reserved

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