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SHIPPING Mid October 2019!


Actualizing Our Craft

This 20 chapter book is designed to provide you with insights into The Perfect Ashlar; its Lore, its History and its Intended Meaning. It has over 180 pages of in-depth information with additional opportunities for further exploration and personal development; appendices, footnotes and Masonic challenges spread throughout the book.

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Author Note:

The Craft Perfected is an exploration into the Perfect Ashlar use within the Craft, also known as the Society of Free & Accepted Masons. It is a direct result of the work surrounding the Building Better Builders series of Uncommon Masonic Education books.

The Craft Perfected takes a different direction from what has been focused upon in the series. Prior to this book, the focus of the series has been mainly upon Recognizing and Understanding the symbols and concepts presented within Freemasonic Ritual, their basis and Applying them toward Bettering one’s life, along with how some very important words used within the Freemasonic Organization have changed over time.

Unlike most things that are Masonic, where the focus is put forth Allegorically, this book delves into the reality of the Perfect Ashlar, when it first appeared within Ritual and what was intended for Craft members by its use.

Fraternally & Sincerely,

Dr. John S. Nagy

Tampa Bay, Florida - October 2019

The Perfect Ashlar is used symbolically to denote perfection within The Society of Free & Accepted Masons – better known as The Freemasons. This symbol is a recent innovation to the Freemasonic Craft. It is interwoven within the Craft’s degrees, lore, and literature with opinions and descriptions unsupported by Stonecraft. The Perfect Ashlar replaced a stone more appropriate for building sound structures. As a result of this innovation, the teachings surrounding it have wreaked havoc upon generations of Freemasons who were inappropriately taught that they would never live up to its ideal. Research tells us that it was never meant to be this way!

Coach Nagy investigates over three hundred years of Craft documents to reveal hidden treasures of Light associated with the Masonic quest for Perfection. His findings reveal: When the Perfect Ashlar was inserted into Ritual and which Ashlar it replaced, What the Operative Craft tells us about it, and The Liberties that Freemasonic authors took when they insert it into Ritual.

Through his work, The Craft PERFECTED! - Actualizing Our Craft, John takes you through a series of deep Masonic rabbit holes, tracking down the history of The Perfect Ashlar, its true meaning, and the impact its meaning will have on future generations of Masons. Brace yourself for a page-turning inquiry suitable to what the Builders of the Organization intended for its members from its beginning.

Dr. Nagy’s book contains:

  • The Intended Meaning behind the Perfect Ashlar
  • Exploration into the Perfect Ashlar's Lore and History
  • What Stone that the Perfect Ashlar replaced in Ritual
  • Upon what the Perfect Ashlar is supposed to focus Craft Members
  • The Transformation the Perfect Ashlar points toward when Perfecting Work is done
  • Critical connections, ideas and concepts that help you better your Craft Practice.

And, as usual, Insights and Light on the Challenges that all Brothers face in Cultivating a better Understanding of the Craft overall. Provided too are Thought-provoking development questions and exercises designed to stir and support your Skills and Masonic Transformations. Invaluable fodder for Masonic Discourse between Brothers within the Lodge and without. Assorted Masonic Ciphers and other information intended to challenge, delight and support the concepts Masons need in their Work. And much more...

Dr. Nagy provides you with yet another interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking book to improve, strengthen and support your Freemasonic awareness and clarity. He shares key information and insights that will help you better understand how facets of the Blue Lodge Experience fit together to help you in all your present and future Building efforts.

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