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Coaching for Success Products

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SHIPPING Mid October 2020!

The Light in the Garden

Finally! Hope for the Outcasts

This 4 section, 35 chapter book is designed to provide you with insights into The Garden of Eden Story, its background and its Intended Meanings and message. It has over 225 pages of in-depth research provided to you as an allegorical tale of thought-provoking adventure with further exploration and personal development for all who take on the adventure; Forward, Prelude, Afterword and Endnotes are included.

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This writing reflects many years of personal & professional deliberation upon the story told in chapters two and three of the book of Genesis. This book is a fourth complete rewrite of what I first penned over thirty years ago but never published. I was not a published author at that time and I stumbled into writing it quite by accident.

My interest in writing this book was to share the original nuances in the story that have remained unknown to many of those readers who have relied upon whatever translation they chose to settle upon. Consequently, many readers of the Eden story have never had the opportunity to understand the depth of the tale or all the revelations it provides. Therefore, this entire book explores The Word between the words.

I do not claim to be a biblical expert in any way. This was not the intent of this bookís writing. In my early years, I chose to seek the truth and wisdom in such writings without investing heavily in their concrete factualness. I found that arguing for or against such things took me away from what I could learn from them. I have faith that youíll be led to whatever Light you need.

Therefore, my focus in this book is upon the meaning and relevance of such texts rather than upon their historical concreteness; treating the text as a strict allegory where revealing truth, and not fact, is the aim. With this Light and intent, Iím led to state quite succinctly that the story told within these Genesis chapters reveals truth, even more so today than ever. It reflects the true will-filled nature of humankind, especially in Western civilizations, contrasted to its collective experience of God.

I have taken great pains to neutrally present this writing, focusing my efforts on not conveying the factualness of the story but only on sharing the truths revealed by it. I know that I have fallen short of my goals in some areas and I thank you ahead of time for your forgiveness of these lacks.

Many of my friends who have read the original manuscript of this book commented on my harsh analysis of two of the main characters, Adam and Eve. A few of my screeners said I should look at Adam and Eve as naive children and be less critical in my evaluation of their behavior. My response to these comments is that it is true that I was relentless in my evaluation. My choice to be relentless is especially true if you hold to the belief that irresponsible people (such as I consider Adam and Eve to have been) should be allowed to continue along the same path of irresponsibility unchecked no matter what effect their behavior has upon others or themselves. Most readers shall hopefully gather that I do not hold their behavior in high regard - figuratively or literally. Hence, one might easily conclude that I havenít been relentless enough.

Regardless of my care to divest this writing from being taken literally through treating it as allegory, I have no doubt there will be those souls who read this as a personal attack on their beliefs. If you are such a soul, my advance request to you is that you set aside a rush to judgments, patiently wait through any fallacy you may have perceived, and seek to glean some truth for yourself that inspires you.

For those of you who see truths in this writing, may you use them to bring back to your part of the world the intended experience of Paradise and life ever-lasting.

Above all, please, enjoy the journey it offers!

The Author

Tampa Bay, Florida - October 2020

Did you ever wonder if there was more to the Garden in Eden than most people let on? Did you ever come away from reading the story wanting to know what was really put in place by God? Did you ever wonder what the big deal was that got this whole journey started?

The Light in the Garden is a dynamic journey through the Garden in Eden story filled with wondrous insights, humorous exchanges and enlightening discoveries that will profoundly change your view of our beginnings.

Within this garden travels, Rev. John S Nagy walks you through:

  • The True Original Sin
  • The Nature & Impact of the Tree of Knowledge
  • The Biblically Stated Reason for the Eviction
  • The Path Back to Paradise and the Tree of Life

The author has taken great pains to reveal the true glory and secrets of the garden story. His research and writing efforts have uncovered many of the missing aspects that have been lost since it was first put down in writing.

If you truly want to experience the story in new Life Affirming Ways, then this book is for you!

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