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That Nasty Other Email Virus

I got another one of those virus warning notices e-mailed to me the other day. I didn't know who the person was who sent it. In fact, I didn't know anyone on the copious e-mail address list that accompanied the notice either.

It was a most interesting notice though. It had a stern warning about a new virus making its way across the globe via e-mails and how dangerous it was to the smooth operation of any PC that happened to receive it. It continued to warn that the virus was active and didn't need to have the receiver do anything to activate it except just to receive it.

The e-mail ended with the typically fair plea to have the receiver let others know that the virus was out there and to be aware of its existence. Had I not been savvy to the intent and the impact, I might have followed through on the request and pushed it back into the Internet for others to peruse.

Still, truths be known, I've been around for a bit and seen these things come and go. I've also seen something that others haven't seen. It's a nasty little bug that people get despite the installation of various virus protection programs. That nasty little bug has the ultimate protection system installed within it that makes it impervious to your computer's defenses. No matter what you might try to do to prevent this virus from being caught and passed on, you're powerless to prevent it, unless . . .

Well now. Did I get your attention? Good. Before I tell you how to protect yourself from this nasty little bug, you need to understand how viruses work. No, this is not an attempt to have you program your computer or install a secret piece of software onto it. That's not how you can protect yourself from this bug. Remember, it is so powerful that it will penetrate any system you install on your computer. That will not help at all. What might help is this attempt to get you to think differently about the nature of viruses so that you can spot them more readily even though they are presented in many masks.

So let me share with you some things about viruses so you can do your best to prevent them from infecting your system and spreading haphazardly across the Internet with your assistance.


Do you find this concept "provoking?" Care to read more? Want to take action that will "provoke your success?" This and fifty-seven more chapters designed to provoke your success can be found here.


Coach John S. Nagy is CEO and Lead Business Coach for Coaching for Success. Inc., a Business Coaching Service specifically designed for top level decision makers dedicated to peak performance in all facets of their activities. He's hired to focus them continuously in activities that bring higher returns on their resource use. His programs are for the seriously committed. This means having his clients work "ON" their businesses, not just "IN" it. He's a published author and a multi-degree professional with a nationwide client base. Coach Nagy can be reached through his E-mail address at his website at http://www.coach.net and by calling 813-949-0718.


Copyright 1999-2007 John S. Nagy

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